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Quality Focused

Each mobile proxy consists of one dedicated sim card and it is rented only in one hand.

All IP, TTL, TCP/IP Fingerprint, DNS of a normal 4G connection.

Internet speed test tools reported the download speed to reach 28 Mbps.

Thousands of new IPs for your use.

Run up to 200 instances simultaneously, god mode enabled!

You Are In Control

You decide how often or when proxy rotates, e.g. once a week on Tuesday at 18:34.

Rotate IP by simply opening a link in browser.

Authorize by username+password / IP only OR set both methods to be valid.

Your plan is month-to-month and it can be canceled any time in your dashboard.

Your personal dashboard via access to inventory, proxy settings, and subscription.

Reset easily via the private dashboard with just a click/tap of a button.

Reliability And Honour

Gods forged hardware in synergy with Archmage enchanted security.

Absolutely no logging, tracking, spying. Freedom and Privacy matters!

Your proxy location will never change, it will always remain within the same city.

Professional support gnomes will be there for you when you require help.

Proxy remains active, except for few seconds during IP rotation or scheduled server restart.

No more waiting for your purchase delivery. You need a proxy? You get it within 10 minutes!

Variety Of Choice

Access to any website is whitelisted. Browse anything as long as it’s legal.

Most of the sim cards got unlimited data plans! And if not - it’s clearly stated during purchase.

Use your proxy through HTTP or SOCKS5 port. SOCKS5 also supports UDP.

Wide selection of mobile network providers. Find the best IP flavor.

Undeniable Benefits

Decreased action blocks

Duo to a higher trust score of 4G/LTE IP usage, it is expected to receive less action block on any website.

Increased action limits

Quality LTE IP is expected to provide you with increased action limits. More likes, follows, comments, posts, views. You name it!

Blend in with real human beings

Did you know that mobile phone IP can be used at the same time with many mobile devices? By using real LTE proxy you blend in with legit internet users.

Blacklisted subnets is not a subject any longer

Remember the sad old times when fresh proxy was already blacklisted on the website of your choice? Well, this is unlikely to happen with LTE IP proxy. Websites can't risk blocking subnets as real users will get affected.

One mobile proxy, endless possibilities

It might be 1 tiny sim card but it grants you entree to a huge quantity of IP addresses. By switching to 4G/LTE proxy you can manage an enormous number of accounts.

Increased scrapping limits

According to the fact that 4G/LTE IP can be used simultaneously by many real users, your scraping limits per time period should be higher.

If blocked simply change IP

Once you encounter blocks all you got to do is perform proxy rotation and new IP will be assigned from the pool.

Get quality data by demographics

Mobile IPs are known for being really targeted in terms of location. Appear in the desired country or even city.

Get quality data by device

What If you require to get data that’s only visible to mobile devices? By getting mobile IP you can appear like a real phone user and get quality data that you deserve. Happy targeted scrapping!

Higher accounts trust score

It's proven that every account made through the quality proxy will earn a higher trust score by the web platform. So it seems a wise strategy to use 4G/LTE IP proxies for account registrations!

Increased registration numbers per IP

Quick question... How many accounts have Oldschool proxy permitted you to register in total? Two, three? By using mobile proxy these limits are multiplied!

One mobile proxy, endless possibilities

Hmmm… I think that I've said this before. Get new IP every time mobile proxy rotates. New IP and again, you are ready to register a quality account.

It is cheaper in the long run

By switching to mobile proxy you gain access to almost an endless number of IPs! Calculate yourself to see price difference over time... One mobile proxy, endless possibilities!

It saves up brain cells every day

By switching to mobile proxy you will spend less time worrying about IP quality. Stop thinking about IPs and focus your mental energy on the strategy instead!

It helps you to sleep at night

By knowing that your kingdom is at the safe coast, your body will produce less cortisol and more melatonin. What a clever way to boost your sleep quality!

Options And Pricing

Dedicated Mobile Proxy
Per Month
Network Options:
Three Eir Vodafone
City Options:
Cork [01]
Per Month

Frequently Asked Questions


What proxy options do you offer?
Currently, we offer RAW 4G mobile proxies. Our mobile devices harvest them from various mobile network providers. Choose the network provider you need during the purchase process. IPs are from different mobile carrier towers; this way IPs diversity is at its best!
Are your mobile proxies shared?
Not by any means! Each mobile proxy that you purchase - is one dedicated sim card, and it is given only in your hand!
Can your proxies be used for Illegal stuff?
Fraud/scam, illegal pornography, hacking, or any other law-breaking practices are forbidden.
For how long do I get access to each proxy?
Currently, we only rent proxies on a month to month basis. As an example: If you purchased proxies on the 3rd of May at 14:55 then access will expire on the 3rd of June at 14:55.
How do I renewal my proxy subscription?
If you have paid with the card then the subscription will be renewed automatically. You can cancel it anytime within your customer dashboard. In other payment cases, you will have to manually renew your subscription before the expiration date. In both cases, we will notify you within a few days before the renewal time by sending an email, either with an invoice or reminder of upcoming automated renewal. If you fail to renew the proxy subscription before expiry then they can be instantly sold to somebody else and we might no longer have the same proxies available due to limited supply. Please be careful! Please make sure that you whitelist us so emails don't land in the spam folder.
Is there a setup time after I purchase?
All is set up within 10 minutes after purchase. On a very rare occasion, it could take up to 3h.
What websites can be used with your 4G/LTE proxy?
We do not blacklist anything. You can use your 4G/LTE proxies with any domain you like!


Do you offer IP rotation time on demand?
YES, we do! Contact support. The default rotation time is 60 minutes. We currently are developing a customer dashboard. In it, you will be able to change rotation time by yourself. Stay tuned!
What protocols are your mobile proxies?
Our 4G/LTE proxies come with HTTP and SOCK5 protocols. Each protocol is on a different port so you can use the same proxy in different ways simultaneously. SOCKS5 also supports UDP.
How many connections can I get on a single proxy?
Our mobile proxies are set up to allow up to 200 simultaneous connections (threads). Please note that the more connections you use - the slower your proxies will get.
How often are there downtimes?
We always try to keep our proxy farms online but once or twice a month we might perform quick server restart. Typical server restart usually takes up to 1 minute. Please be aware that there is a 20-30 second downtime during proxy rotation. On very rare occurrences we might require some server maintenance/update downtime. In this scenario, we will provide you with extra free time once the proxy servers are up and running.


Do you offer a trial?
YES, we can provide a 24-hour paid trial. Please contact us or get it on https://proxytales.com/order/dedicated-mobile-proxy/
Is there any discount available?
From time to time we do offer discounts, so sign up with us to stay in touch.
Can I get a refund?
We offer a 24-hour refund guarantee. Please see our refund policy for more!
What payment options do you have?
We currently accept cards and Crypto.

Social Media

How many accounts per proxy?
It's hard to say the exact numbers, each platform has different spam systems and standards. Please do your own research. It is possible to run many accounts on 1 mobile proxy by operating them in shifts. As an example:
  1. Shift - run 5 accounts for 6 hours and then rest for 18 hours.
  2. Shift - run 5 accounts for 6 hours and then rest for 18 hours.
  3. Shift - run 5 accounts for 6 hours and then rest for 18 hours.
  4. Shift - run 5 accounts for 6 hours and then rest for 18 hours.
Can your 4G/LTE proxy be used with old/new accounts?
Our 4G/LTE proxies will work with any social media accounts.
Will your mobile proxies fix blocks/bans?
Proxy quality is just one of the many different factors that determine account lifespan and quality. Not a single proxy in the world will fix block/bans issues! If someone tells you otherwise – they are lying. However, moving your social media kingdom to 4G/LTE proxies are proven to be beneficial move to increase account trust score and perhaps decrease block/ban occurrences.

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